'Sharanie Foundation'
helping the children of Gambia

Our goal:
-Taking the kids from the slums and sending them to school. Giving them a chance for a better future.
Instead of working in the sextourism or ending up begging.
-Offering humanitary help, for instance Ousman, 9 years old, in need of surgery in Senegal, for the third time
-Building a school for traumatised children. Especially for children who have been raped or lost their parents.
Dutch teachers-help has been granted already !
-Building fresh water facilities, building hygienic facilities
for schools, vegetable-projects for schools, Gambia-art-projects, buying school-materials, uniforms, shoes, &...&...&...
-Supplying Health Centres with medical materials

You already can sponsor a child for 45 euro per year !

Name and address of 'your' child will be send to you, if you like to contact him/her.

The Sharanie Foundation has no financial interest for itself.
Nor a political or religious interest.
All the money donated will be spend on projects such as named above.

Info: info@sharanie.nl